Becoming More Like Alfie

Inspiration:  Pennines – Collapsing New Buildings – Listen @


Hurrah, we finally we launch our blog which will be used to share not only Scarlet Creative news but architecture + design we love from across both worlds.

It’s been 4 years in the making, Scarlet Creative was created in September 2006, so as we reach the end of our fourth year I am super excited to share the new collection and no doubt random postings and pictures that inspire me.  A big thank you to all my friends and Kas who keep pushing me along to create things 🙂

To get the ball rolling, some shots of our new release.

The Scarlet Creative, Becoming More Like Alfie Skybox Prefab.

Specification / Features:
Footprint:  30m by 16m
Plot Size: 2043m and above recommended
List Price:  Shell only L$ 2000.   Shell + Furniture Pack L$ 4000
Prefab Shell:  165 Prims + 242 Prims (Furniture)
Perms: Modify + Copy (note animation or scripted pieces the contents are not modify you can change using the menus but the prims are (so you can change colours etc)

Prefab Shell:
(1) Working Spotlights (click on and off)
(2) Designer Privacy Blinds (Options to lower and upper floors)
(3) Mood Lighting.  Select colour options from the light switch on the center wall to set the mood lighting

Furniture Pack:
(1) Animated Bath.  Click taps to *fill the bath*.  Once water has appeared click to start animation
(2) Shower. Click shower head to turn on/off.  Click and sit on Shower for couples
(3) Bed.  Click bed for animation.  Supports solo poses and couples (including intimate) with poses featured from Rosse
(4) Fireplace. Click to light or put out
(5) Dining, Lounge and Kitchen Bar chairs/stools.  Once sat on click to change your pose
(6) Kitchen Food.  Click the Kitchen Table Top for a range of food and cocktails, from Sushi to an intimate breakfast for two