Getting Urban

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Four YEARS have passed, and we enter our fifth with our new collection is being released on 22 September 2010 with a preview open on 21 September 2010 for our group members.

Becoming More Like Alfie a teaser to the collection is already out and some more teasers will follow over the coming weeks.  This collection will feature a new range of urban styles with full furniture, interiors and interactive design.  I am not fully decided if it will be 4 or 5 in the series, my ability to work 24 hours a day will soon tell on that.

There is huge inspiration going back to the roots of Scarlet of merging urban styling with the softness of interiors to blend the organic with the rigid.  If that means nothing to you (ahah nor me) basically think striding across the floors in super heels, but carrying a super um fluffy handbag dog… :/

As a result many of the old designs are now either online for sale or you can buy in person.   These are:

Red, Rouge, Boat, Miami, Bijou, Santorini, Grand, Cottage.  *Boat, Miami, Bijou + Grand are only available online.

A sneak shot below of the Urban Spa which is currently undergoing testing.

Further news I will post, now I have found my blogging fingers, when available.

❤ Charlotte

Urban Spa - Working Title