In Gnubie we trust

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I have always long loved the Gnubie space in Second Life.   Quality Content from a Non-Profit (Open-Source where possible) Team of SL Artisans it has a range of items from people who are simply amazing like four Yip through to Eloh Eliot.   I added this week a new item from Scarlet Creative, which is just a cute space that is very much *against* the current collection in terms of style and design.

This can be used as a store or you can dress it up for a bijou hangout.  The items like the lights, antlers (yes I felt it needed those) counter and shelves  can all be removed (it’s mod + copy).

But what I love is that designs like this give me some days of freedom to create something just purely because it’s what I like on that given day without designing to a brand rule book like I do for Scarlet.  So you get a lot more of *me* in these items and this day was the girlie Charlotte!

You can pick up inworld at the Gnubie store / or

You can download for free at:

Happy Weekend!

❤ Charlotte

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