Inspiration:  Go Do – Jonsi – Listen @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCE_aqeX9ek


I never normally show work in progress.  Mainly as it changes a lot throughout the design.  Walls move, floors rise and shapes are rethought until I am happy with the flow. I spend more time walking a design than I do designing it I have come to realise over the past year :/  But to me it’s the most important part as people *live* in the spaces and if the flow isn’t there, it doesn’t work as a design.

The first 20% pretty much defines the remainder of the design, after that point it’s simply filling in and then (and as much effort and time) colouring it in.   Each texture in the build I spend countless hours in photoshop making sure it works for the build, or for the sculpts in Maya.

I am at the 20% on this build currently which is part of the new release in September, so thought I would share.  If nothing else I can compare back the finished design this time to see how far it shifted from the finish product.

What I will say is this range has been very easy to design.  It’s been like an itch I have watched to scratch for a while and not to mention Kasabian Beck has launched his own range of designs.  We are very different in our design inspiration but he has really kept me focused for this collection and inspired to making it the best I can.   You can see his range here:  https://xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&MerchantID=223953

❤ Charlotte