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I finished the design over the weekend I am super pleased!  I have added throughout a new furniture range for this one all inspired from beach living without cliche shabby chic “tones”.   Urban is an unusual word to combine with beach houses and I have used it for some of my key designs since 2006.  I went that route because the bridge of virtual architecture into a reality state that may not be the lost paradise we hanker for was an interesting juxtapose to explore when designing.

This house came from memories of my parents taking me as a child in the late 80s to the South of France.  I remember sitting in the back of the car and staring out of the window on the route from Cannes to Monte Carlo, my eyes filled with candy like houses, and over ornate villas with awkward carribean inspired facades.  Each jostling with noisy interiors  (and each other!) which the owners clearly thought was “designer”.  Then suddenly, every so often there would be a hidden jem.  A glass modernist cube, or a sleek landscape drawing the eye to simple, beautiful and urban architecture.    It felt like finding purity amidst a lot of noise.   I have always kept those memories and it has held fast for my inspiration when creating this range and taking my thoughts of what urban means to me forward and putting a very clear no out there to the cookie cutter approach to what beach “living” can be.

❤ Charlotte

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  1. Charlotte…I…am…in love with your houses! I do miss the ones you had up in the sky. How do I get to join your group so I can have access to your promotions and sales?
    I have looked all over but can’t find the ones you used to have (even if this new one caught my eye instantly). It’s your fabulous woodwork that always gets me, it’s very zen!

    Thank you for putting great designs out there:)

  2. Aww thanks Loulou and Julian!

    All customers of the prefabs should get an invite so just pop me a message inworld and I can sort for you. The older ones, are up on Marketplace – but I pretty much finished my old collections – each year I start anew 🙂

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