Paradise Circus

Inspiration:  House made for two – Delta Spirit – Listen @ Youtube


As I continue the designs for the new collection one question always comes up in my mind.  For some of the intricate designs I do it means I have to bump the prims in my builds to an average 250 for the large luxury homes.  Which when you think about it a 4096 sqm plot normally provides 900/1000 is not too bad.

However, this week my challenge has been to design a starter or “light” home for the collection. I always have one, that fits on the smaller plot and is diet-prim.  I wanted to do more skyboxes so here is the sneak of Paradise Circus.    My challenge?  LESS than 50 prims and a footprint of 20 x 10m but feel big and airy!

Well I met the challenge it came in at 45 prims!   I spent most of the days designing not the house but in creating the unique sculpts for it that allowed me to mesh (ahah THIS YEAR PLEASE) some warehouse style urban features whilst remaining on my diet prim mission.  This felt like a hyper design just as I was excited to push more into the warehouse / New York vibe to create some softer urban styles into the new range.  I have added furniture as an optional extra complete with fully animated baths, beds and sofa and rezzable dining.  There will be a big sister prefab to this one in styling that we will also release for ground living.

This one which you may tell by my inspiration has my heart captured.

I am super happy with the result, and Paradise Circus will be released with the new collection in the next few weeks.

❤ Charlotte

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