Collection Release

Inspiration: The Boy Least Likely To – Be Gentle With Me @ Youtube


My fingers hurt!  But I have a huge smile, the new collection for Scarlet I finished this weekend.  I had help from my other half Kasabian who has put on bullet proof vests (daily!) and critiqued the builds as I have gone along.  Helping me to push harder and really explore different options and surprising myself with the final outcomes.

As a result we will be closing the Scarlet main sim (our other associated sims will remain open) to start the rebuild to showcase the collection this Monday 13 September 2010.  We will reopen for the advanced viewing for our Group VIPs in a week’s time and announce here all the details.

So if you need anything please grab before end of day Sunday!!!

Entering my fifth year seems nearly impossible to have considered when I started to design Scarlet and it’s been due to the encouragement you have all given me and the lovely feedback I get.  It keeps me going, so thank you!

❤ Charlotte x