Real World Creative – Film Architecture

I recently watched Inception (and need to watch it again!) and found the role of the Architect a job I would dearly love if reality ever catches up with the theory in the film.  Creating vast landscapes fueled by imagination that other people immerse themselves into drew many parallels for me to Second Life and the user content created there.  Many designers aim to tie emotion to virtual space, that whilst we understand we can not physically touch the virtual world, successful design there ensures you interact, feel and experience it with people from across the globe sitting in their own realities.

Another film on my viewing list is Tron.  Interestingly, Joseph Kosinski the director is an architect graduated from Columbia.  The trailer clip I saw with Jeff Bridges showed a jaw dropping visual landscape particularly the bridge and lead up to the city and I replayed more than a few times!  So I have a high expectation based on the director’s architecture background and seeing him combine the flow of space, textures and his design skills with animation/CGI.

Anyway, a clip of Joseph Kosinski above talking about the film and his background in Architecture.

Happy Mondays!

❤ Charlotte