Organic Chemistry

Inspiration:  Nomenclature – Andrew Bird – Listen @ Youtube


Firstly wow, yesterday was hectic!  Thank you to everybody who came to visit the new releases, and all of you that were patient as the sim was full.  My fingers were so tired I wrote on my blog yesterday 3 new houses and 2 skyboxes – it is actually 4 new houses and 2 skyboxes!

To highlight some of new releases, I am first picking on “Promises”.  This is the big sister to our Paradise Circus skybox.

This house I designed for the art lover.  With lots of privacy inside the art gallery entrance allows for hanging of art then intimate spaces provide great areas to customise.  Using a mixture of bricks, grasses as more organic materials it has a different style of chemistry to my super modern builds.

Details are:

Prims 165
Modify + Copy
Footprint 35m by 25m (4096m plots and upwards)
Rooms: Living, Kitchen, Art Gallery, Master Bedroom, Exterior Pool and Garden Area.

Features: Privacy + Designer Window Options, Privacy Blinds, Full animated swimming pool for couples/solo, Trees to grass area.

Shell Price: L$ 5000, with full kitted furniture pack an additional L$ 2000 which is a significant discount on separate pieces.

You can also add a rez in place furniture kit with this for an additional 155 prims, which includes interactive sofas, chairs, stools, fireplace, bed and roll top bath and shower. Not to mention a fully stocked kitchen with rez on demand dining options and units.   All the furniture in the pack is modify and copy (please note some of the scripts/interactive elements are not – but the prims themselves are so you can change colours and styles).


❤ Happy Sundays Charlotte x