From concept to reality

I posted a topic in a forum some time back prompted by receiving a message from the GNUBIE Group where I have had a few of my items along with many other creators as free items.  Creators from Ingrid (yes, do buy her Prefabs) through to four Yip it’s always been a huge honour to have products along side these guys.  Jai sending the message caused me to suddenly pump the breaks on why I indeed created within Second Life and I realised how much I loved making things, but truly no longer had my heart in commercial products.       Not to mention my own RL has taken me in new directions taking a significant bite out of any time available for in world specific design.

I have had other projects from being a Mole in LDPW for Linden Research Inc through to fun side builds like the blogger sim for SL’s Blogger Community working with Callie Cline.  Like that initial wonder when finding SL for the first time, I came to the slow but necessary decision to go back to my roots and fall in love with things again.

As a result this weekend the Scarlet Creative sims are closing.  Products will still be available on Marketplace in the meantime and income from those products will fund a full sized sim that is for non profit creation.    Two years back a friendly bunch of creators helped me create Tim Burton does 50s Pin Up  and soon after the Narnia style adventure (I still owe Barnes new trousers after the pet wolf got over friendly)  and many are returning to create the new space.  It will evolve, grow, get knocked down and change with the seasons.

I have a special double thank you for Maxwell Graf who remains to this day my mentor in all matters of creation and my  partner who has kept me sane, in fits of laughter and mostly aware of the fact Charlotte is my cartoon and so to act accordingly.

I want to give a heartfelt thank you for everybody who has purchased and supported Scarlet Creative products right back from 2006 through to present day.  You made everything for me possible (in more ways that many will know).

I hope to see you all soon ❤