Summer in the city

Inspiration:  Regina– Listen @ Youtube


I have always viewed summer time as one period I won’t be touching my Mac and keeping emails strictly for my phone whilst I have fun in the city as the sun shines.   However, with the heat wave for the last few weeks it’s given me the opportunity to stay in air conditioned bliss and get (finally) the start of my MarketPlace set up.

I ❤ you all so I have put out on sale firstly one of my favourite Skyboxes.  A snip at 50 Lindens I hope you love it as much as I loved creating it!     In addition, you will see I have re-priced my historical builds to a standard pricing set – 99 for the budget ones, 249 unfurnished and 499 for furnished.  This is to cater for the fact my overheads are lower and to also make the designs more accessible now they are MarketPlace.   So I truly hope great value for money.   The furnished ones tend to be brimming with accessories, fully animated furniture and extra touches like rez on demand flowers, candles and dinner parties!

Finally (and I am writing super quick as I have cocktails and a sunny outdoor bar to get to) all my furniture and other products will be uploaded over the next 2 weeks with some surprises and sales.

I have made in the 5 odd years I have been on Second Life uncountable numbers of furniture and around 40 prefabs.  I can’t promise to get it all up there, but I am certainly going to try whilst the heat wave is on!

Happy summer all.

Take a sneak peek here :

❤ Charlotte