Capri is for me….

Inspiration: MGMT – Electric Feel YouTube

A few summers ago I remember the heat hitting 40 degrees at Napel’s dock and was so relieved when a boat turned up to take me and my friend over to the beautiful island of Capri in Italy.  It’s a tiny place where the taxi’s are more like ice cream floats and at night people hang out in the main square drinking and talking until dawn.  I loved my summer there it has always been a place I wanted to return to.

I wanted to refresh some of my older ranges and fully redo them.  They hold a lot of good memories such as my adventures around Europe and were fun to build back in 2007 and 2008.  And whilst (more than one) has been copied (ugh thanks for more paperwork this week) I thought whilst summer is still with us I’ll brush them off and make them sparkle with 2011 quality rather than feel dejected over copying.

Capri comes in furnished and unfurnished.  Furnished is 499L, and Unfurnished 249L.   Shell of the prefab is 201 prims and best on a 4096 plot.   I normally say with the furnished option allow about 325 more prims to fully deck the place out.  It all rezzes in place so makes it a snap to get set up for summer beach living.

This house works really well on beach plots, but also if you have a hill plot with a view and trees (and that’s when I really miss Capri!).

You can purchase exclusively on Marketplace click here.

❤ Enjoy Charlotte x


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