Next stop – Cannes

Inspiration – Andrew Bird, Section 8 City @ YouTube


I seem to be infected with the summer vibe at the moment and it’s lovely to release another of the refreshed prefabs this week.   This one is close to my heart it was one of the first designs that defined Scarlet Creative and the next 4 years of collections that followed.  I first learnt how to pack a build into a rezzer with this one (probably one of the most stressful Saturdays I ever spent online) combined with little touches such as the signature round circle skylights in the roof that from 2006 onwards became one of our signature design styles.

I have cut 70 prims away from the original design (god only know what they were for!) and upgraded the build with new texture palate, lower prims, animation in the swimming pool and private plunge pool in the master bedroom.

This house is made for the beach.   Generous mezzaine levels combined with baloncies not only frame your view outside the home, but also provide the combination of airy space indoors with outdoors living.

One of my favourite builds ever and I hope you enjoy it again too.

You can purchase @ MarketPlace

❤ Charlotte