St Paul de Vence to….San Paulo?

Inspiration: – Guillemots – San Paulo @ YouTube


Continuing with the refresh and release of my products. This was originally designed for a set of sims based on a South American style that captured my heart in terms of how they created beautiful landscapes for their residents.    Now, updated and changed for a lower prim version with sculpts it was great to build this from scratch again and remember why this was always one of my favourite houses created to date.     Very different to the current collection it merges traditional architecture from a variety of countries and is complete with a cool palate.    It reminds me of European hence the title St Paul de Vence another of my favourite travel spots but it has a distinctly cosmopolitan feel so hence the inspiration music!

Interiors I have done slightly masculine to contrast with the almost “pretty” facade.  It has a spa area to the bedroom with indoors/outdoor living and animated front swimming pool for single or couple fun.  The lounge features a working fireplace for when the nights turn cool (can’t wait!).

Now up for sale – Unfurnished 249L, Furnished 499L

195 Prims (Shell)

❤ Happy weekends, Charlotte