Inspiration: Charlotte Gainsbourg / Beck – Heaven can wait @ YouTube


I never quite got over the scene that Charlotte played in Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist with a certain tool, so this video, as one of my favourite ever for creativity, at least puts some of that out of my mind.   It’s why it really inspired me with my refresh range to mix things up a little bit and change the build quite a lot rather than simply a mirror upgraded house. (The music video not the film!).

I really enjoyed adding some new touches such as a back deck area and smaller pool so the second wing had more space.  It’s perfect for sharing, or having a separate work / live style arrangement.

It comes in both shell only and furnished and price at 249 and 499L respectively.  If you already own the Grand Boat house you qualify for this as a free upgrade so please message me for delivery.

You can purchase now @ MarketPlace

❤ Enjoy, Charlotte x