Real World Creative – Getting bent

One of things I have loved about Second Life, is the ability to create anything you want at any time (grid permitting) and come out with a finished product that people actually enjoy and use.  It’s why after coming up to nigh on 5 years using it, I continue to log in and tinker with inworld prims or test the new mesh capabilities as the platform evolves for the next few years.

It got me also thinking about the creators outside of Second Life who do similar work but with real world products (and these people I really am in awe of, as put me near a power drill or a saw and all hell is likely to break loose).    I was trawling my design blogs this week and found that one of my favourites Bent Objects is looking for somebody with experience with computer animation and apps to team up with them on their products.

I am certainly going to drop them a note but also for app developers out there this could be just for you!  Details are at

Happy creating ❤ Charlotte