5 years old – and a new release.

Inspiration: Edward Sharpe  & The Magnetic Zeros – Home @ YouTube

5 years ago on a whim searching the internet I found Second Life.   Did it change my “first” life – yes.   Thousand of miles travelled in that time, 5 different countries I lived in, and an innate joy I got (and still get) colouring in pretty boxes on line.  Second Life became a thread that remained a constant that I could always pick up when stuck in a hotel room, or learning to fit into a new country and tinker with something that was familiar.  These days, I purely use for a creative outlet.  First life –  I finally found my way to the place that is my home.

To celebrate I am releasing this prefab to mark my fifth birthday online at a discount price of 50L for this week.  The furnished option will be available on Friday at and also discounted price of 249L – both will revert to standard prices next weekend.  It’s packed with great features and I really hope you enjoy.

Footprint: 25 by 30m
Prims: 96

Plot: 4096 and greater
Modify and Copy

Comes with full instructions and simple to rez 3 click system.

Shell includes:
Full animated swimming pool (engine supports solo or couples with multiple poses).
Shadows etc which change in the interiors based on if you have the privacy blinds open, semi closed or closed.
Working Fireplace
Door Security
Privacy Blinds.

To purchase please see MarketPlace – click here.

Dedicated to those finding their way home.

Charlotte ❤