Inspiration: Mumford and Sons – Little Lion Man @ YouTube

Sometimes you have one of those days, when the sun is streaming in the windows, the clouds are chasing each other across the sky and you know that the grass would feel super good between your toes if you ventured outside.

So thanks Wifi and to having sun on your toes whilst you work!  Here is Amelia the sister skybox to Becoming Like Alfie.   A light version with open plan kitchen.  Amelia also has a pocket sized front garden and balcony with exit doorway in case you wish to use the skybox on the floor as well.

Prefab Shell: 117 Prims.
Modify + Copy

Specification / Features:
Footprint : 30m by 21m
Plot Size: 2043m and above recommended

Prefab Shell:
(1) Working Spotlights (click on and off)
(2) Designer Privacy Blinds (Options to lower and upper floors).
(3) Mood Lighting. Select colour options from the light switch on the center wall to set the mood lighting.

The prefab shell includes the working fireplace in addition.

A furnished option will release also in the next day.  You can purchase the shell only version by clicking here.

The garden and balcony can be removed if you wish to create a lower prim version.

❤ Charlotte x