A cup of tea

Something we Brits normally wake up and do daily and continue through the day.

I was interested when I heard Twinings were going to start a new campaign based on taking 10 minutes out of the day focused on the hectic life women lead and how taking out 10 minutes from the day can allow you to reconnect and de-stress.   My main interest was piqued as they have hired one of my favourite NY creative companies Psyop to work on the advert.    Each scene is a very delicate piece of art which reminds me hugely of a friend Jewell who creates distressed textures in Second Life but also is a real life artist whom combines the same sensitive underlying elements in her work.

Psyop also have created some of my other favourite animated adverts including Coke’s Happiness Factory.

More can be found at Psyop.

❤ Charlotte