Sunny blue skies

Inspiration: Bon Iver – Beach Baby @ YouTube


It’s that time of year when Autumn/Fall comes but the days are still full of blue skies and sun.    I spent a sunny day with a blanket on my lap, by my windows sketching ideas for a new house and surprisingly the sun must have jogged my inspiration as 24 hours later The Adler was born.   I have been playing with adding darker toned areas with organic woods mixed with white frames for this design.    I also wanted to introduce some textures I have been designing that have been inspired by the feel of a boutique hotel.

Adler is a beach house that has a first introduction of those textures, and coming up shortly will be a new build that really pushes them further (and will be my most colourful to date I think!).  Perfect for relaxing with your own blanket on these colder days to watch the world go by from or if you are lucky to have a beach space, the waves breaking on the shore from your window.


Footprint: 40 x 40m
Plot: 4096 and greater
Shell: 149 Prims
Furniture additional 330 Prims.

Comes with full instructions and simple to rez 3 click system.

Shell includes:
Full animated swimming pool (engine supports solo or couples with multiple poses).
Door Security.
Privacy Blinds.

The furniture set includes all in the images including the fireplaces. The bath is animated for couples. Rez on demand flowers, social settings and sushi parties.

Sofas and the bed support couple and solo poses fully animated.

❤ Charlotte