Super Heros

Inspiration: All of you! @ YouTube


For our hopes in 2012.

We can dream, love, reach, create and enjoy (and play loud music!).
We can be Super Heros.
(Dedicated to my Super Heros).

(Yes me dressed as a Super Hero for January 1, 2012).

❤ Charlotte


Shape Bethany Heart (She did it out of kindness ahah for me)
Textures Jewell Lamafour (Graf image Charlotte Bartlett) (Distressed Texture)
Skin Marie Lauridsen (Milk Motion)
Boots Megg Demina (Tres Chapeau)
Knickers and Gloves (oh yes!) LeeZu Baxter
Corset Radio Signals (Scribble)
Socks toraji Voom (**DP**YUMYUM)