Tonight, the streets are ours

Inspiration – Richard Hawley, The Streets are ours

I think the title sums this post up well!   I have been spending most of my design time outside Second Life in Maya over the past few months testing Mesh outputs getting ready for my sixth collection in Second Life.   It’s been a balancing act of design detail, the quirks of the limitations Second Life still has with Mesh and finally jumping up and down after uploading the final models that work (thank you to Maxwell Graf who kept me sane one evening showing me his amazing content after multiple fails on my own!).

Mesh seems to me to have re-engergized content creation at least for me within Second Life.  I haven’t for a long time felt anything akin to the excitement sitting at midnight at my desk as I baked in final textures reading for import.

This will be a new dawn of products for Scarlet Creative and I am really excited to make the transition.   ❤

Releasing soon – Scarlet Creative Light Box Prefab

❤ Charlotte