Light Box

Inspiration:  Raised by Swans – North of Light’s End @ YouTube


I got distracted over the past month with catching up with other projects and it was lovely to come back to work on the new range of Mesh products.   I completed a large luxury home but thought it would be apt to first release the Light Box the first Mesh Prefab I created.     I am keeping it with the wood texture pack shown in the images, but will also release to purchasers the original white wood pack as a free optional in the near future.

The thing I love about Mesh is how much we can do for less.   The Shell is 27 Land Impact and the two doors take it up to 29 in total.   No more alpha blind/shutter textures these are all solid wood on this model and can be either showing or not.  A handy switch by the door lets you set them.  The prim version of this would have been over 105 prims with the complex blinds and slats by the stairs.

In addition, the interior has glorious sunlight flooding through.  Again if you are on a viewer with shadows you may not need this so a quick flick of the shadow switch lets you have then on or off.

It’s a compact 18m by 18m foot print so works well on 2046 plots and upwards.  But you could get it on a smaller one at a squeeze.    With mesh scaling works a little different.   So this is set up for a six foot avatar.  If you like to be a little taller, you can simply scale it once rezzed (it’s linked for ease) and you can then expect a land impact of around 31-33 – still a huge improvement over prims.

It’s fully modify and copy and comes with our usual support and upgrade program.

You can purchase inworld here
Or, online at Marketplace here

❤ enjoy.