The “For” Series. For Absencen

Inspiration: –  Under your spell – Desire @ YouTube


A while ago I met a chap who was sat on the dock at Vice Sim. We got talking and I realised he was somebody who’s images I had admired for a long time on Flickr.

His images are here:

Since that day when we took pictures of kites and laughed together I have followed his work and always been totally in awe.

As I started to create my new collection in Mesh I wanted to reset a lot of my design thoughts and inspiration but still draw on the things that made me love SL. Maclane quickly became my muse and inspiration and kindly lent me many words and ideas to start a new series where each object will be dedicated and inspired by some very special people.

Some of his words really picked me up into thinking wider than just interior and exterior – this design will have embedded nature and space that will fuse real and ureal together. So I don’t spoil any surprises this is part of “real” aspect of the design a library area that will have wooden nature a tree to support it whilst the paper from the tree will have created the many books in the library to share knowledge and fantasy.

The part that really inspired me from maclane was “a uniform concept could become a joyful space as an ideal home for a certain person. It is one of amusements in SL to be able to visualise it. Considering a house required in SL, I think it is needed to be a house that provides us with joy to be able to design the total space around it including the house itself. I think many peoples in SL are enjoying a space between real and unreal. I am also one of them.”

This is a sneak of a clay render of the untextured / finished article of the “real” part. I hope to release it within the week for maclane then it will be on general sale.

❤ Charlotte