The “For” Series. For Absencen now in world

Inspiration: England (Live) – The National @ YouTube

A friend once told me it takes something in the heart that enables you to take a journey even a small one and find you have learnt something and it is captured as a memory for life.  I finally understood what they meant many years later when I walked along a street in London and sat looking out at window at the Thames.    For some reason a combination of the time, the place, the kindness from the person who held the door open whilst getting soaking wet in the rain for me and a final appreciation of my home came to my heart.

I sat for long hours sketching and creating a space that I wanted to be a true reflection of that moment when the heart contracts and to celebrate the people who have and continue to inspire me in my little journey through creating.

This one is for absence, for all you do so well and for everything that it made me strive to make this the best I could.

You can see his work @ Flickr

Now in world @ Second Life

❤ Charlotte

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