RFL – Home Expo: Meet the Designers tonight

Inspiration: Editors – Brick and Mortar @ YouTube


Tonight at 6pm SLT Prim Perfect the well known magazine within Second Life will be hosting a meet the designers session.  I will be one of them (eek!) along with Loz Hyde from MeshWorks. Angie Mornington will be in charge of proceedings and it will be a voice based session (so come along if you really want to hear my lovely British accent ahah!).

Our session will be focused on building brands within virtual worlds with a focus on architecture and interior design along with the use of Mesh that many of the top designers are now using as an additional option to create even more realistic and efficient designs (Loz will be leading the Mesh aspects).

For the guests I will be distributing a little gift bag at the end of the session  as a thank you for supporting RFL so please come along, make a donation and meet us!

Link to the event is here: Click here

❤ Charlotte