Inspiration: Xanadu – ELO/Olivia Newton John @ YouTube


Ok not quite, but this title come up in the Meet the Designers session last night.   I was a bit awe struck to meet Loz and as usual Angie was the kind of interviewer that makes you relax, smile and have fun (hence this song is kind of actually dedicated to her for inspiration today).

I have been adding daily some new pieces to the RFL Home Expo exhibit all in meshy goodness.   This one is a cute little storage unit currently being displayed in the California prefab.   The boxes are all separate (you can unlink each one) so you can reuse and create stacks of them.  10 Land Imapcts for the full unit and boxes/books displayed.   (The plant isn’t included but head over to Itutu for their amazing stuffs if you like the plant).

I have also added some animated organic flowing sun loungers for super minimalist style for the California set with solo poses (and yes girly ones Angie if you are reading <3) also currently at the Expo.


❤ Charlotte