One Voice – Gala Phoenix Fund – Prefab Lyla Released today.

Inspiration.  No music today.


Lyla Barbosa is a good friend who crossed into my RL from SL many years back.   As part of my For series she was my natural next muse to create the Lyla Prefab.     I have struggled with this build for many weeks as (a) I wanted to do a full interior the level of detail was pretty intense and (b) it’s for Lyla so it was a work of love and I kept fiddling and changing and doing more and then changing again.

I finally finished and have released it today.   The encouragement to get it into world came from one other source.  Gala Phoenix.    I first brought a Gala skin by this wonderful and unique artist early in my time in SL.   I migrated to Curio when she released them and think I can honestly say I have near every skin in my tone she has released.

I have been shocked, saddened and weary to see what has happened over the past few months.   It is all too familiar and I can only express how sorry I feel for Gala and her situation.  In all honestly it has also been quite scary for many of us small creators as it shows what an abusive individual can do and how at risk we all are.  This is why this case is important for any person creating content so we stand up to those who abuse and use dishonesty  to profit from others without permission.

I have dedicated 50pct of the proceeds of the prefab to the Gala Phoenix Fund.  In total I know that will be a tiny little amount, but as part of the One Voice initiative so amazingly set up and being managed with a team of individuals I hope it helps a little.

My personal thoughts are we must stand shoulder to shoulder with original content creators. With our hearts and honesty.

Surl to purchase:  (marketplace will come shortly) – Scarlet Creative

You can also donate directly at
Curio Blog:  Click here


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  1. So pretty Charlotte. And a great cause. I have already purchased 🙂 the detail is mind blowing and beautiful. Thanks for making our SL gorgeous.

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