Loft Living

Inspiration:  Francoise Hardy – Le temps de l’amour @ YouTube


Sometimes when I look at old pictures I see somebody that looks “so current” they could be standing right by me at this very moment in time.   There are certain people who just breathe “chic” and I adore them.  It’s one of the reasons I love the video I posted featuring Francoise Hardy.  Apart from the fact that we have the same hair style and I am also partial to making cat eyes with eyeliner too, it’s the way the style lasts the seasons, followed by years and eventually becomes “classic” and eventually “timeless”.  These things become our constants in a changing world.

So I ramble on, but there is a point somewhere here.   I have been swinging around on my design style recently.   A more girlie release with Lyla.  My next big project is for a lovely blogger (who I also love) and will be non modern and the design is coming to fruition shortly.  So I had an itch to create something more industrial but still with the chi chi aspect I love to inject into designs.   I therefore sat down this week, created a small speed modeling project.  This style combined with render  is based on the high rise blocks that remain in the Financial District in New York and some spill into Tribeca and Chelsea through into west midtown.  I have spent time visiting Manhattan and always loved staring in the window of estate agents to see how these spaces from pre-war and then the 60s have endured and become lofts/homes to many.

What works with this sort of design is the accessories and furniture.  You have a very definite style of backdrop and then you can create modern, or pop, or classic, or even a work space in the shell.   It screams out for people to put their stamp on it.

This design I will create and upload into Second Life shortly.  I have to create the texture palate yet (I have my camera out and am playing with some new bricks, frosted glass (my new new new (yes new) fav style I am using for stairs and panels) and washed plasters.   Polished concrete floors and posts will also feature.

I have had to adjust my release cycle due to current releases lined up so things will be speeding up on my side.  Collection 7, to celebrate the end of my sixth year creating for SL will be launching with 3 new “For Series” and the reboots for Summerhouse that so many of you are due to receive!  (I promise I am modeling as quick as my fingers can cope with).

I’ll post when in world!

Salutes ❤