Time for Mod

Inspiration: The Antlers, I Don’t Want Love @ YouTube

My new loft is finished, I am now just applying some new textures.  I spent 2 hours in a coffee shop today photographing their floorboards (It’s ok I go there a lot, they know I am not a crazy…ish).   They had The Antlers on (I adore this song) and I got an itch to do furniture for the loft.   So sitting there I plugged my Mac in and made a start.

The industrial feel of the shop really crept in and my own personal love of mod furniture then combined to create a new line.     The sofa was the hardest thing I have made to date, trying to do low poly modeling on something that demands detail is a constant battle and tweaking exercise to get to a balanced point.   I tested and with scripted animations it comes to 8 Land Impact.  I can live with that, for larger avatars it will likely be 10 if you scale it up a bit.

I really wanted to get away from “all white” on this build.   I wanted warmth, worn floorboards, beautiful accessories and somewhere to curl up and read a book where you can shut out the city.

I am calling this set Brooklyn and it releases tomorrow.   Copies will be in my store and you will also be able to purchase at Marketplace – click here.

❤ Charlotte

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  1. lovely. i went to the shop, but noticed the light fixture wasn’t there. will it be out?

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