Inspiration:  The Blower’s Daugher performed by Scala & Kolacny Brothers @ YouTube

Hopefully somewhere, everybody has at least one hero in their life.   The ones who raise us, the ones who when times are tough reach a hand out.  Those who love unconditionally and those who give without need for thanks.  And perhaps most importantly those who show us to be better people.  This song is for my sister, my hero.

I am very lucky to count some heroes in my life.   I have also encountered some of the most giving and genuine people as I have been creating my little products over the past 6 years.   So often I have fallen over and scraped a knee and somebody has picked me up, hugged me and made things ok again.    I have a small mission to try to give something back to those who I humbly owe so much to.

Relay for Life is something close to the heart for many and it’s always a honour to be involved each year even in the smallest way.    The Home and Garden Expo was amazing this year due to the tireless hard work by the organisers and all the creators and supporters who denoted time, money, words, encouragement and a helping hand.

I was also very honoured to also be asked to contribute an auction build at the close of the this year’s events.   The Seattle Loft was born and Carah Nitely became the owner of the unique loft.   Carah was also very kind to agree to let the loft sell so we can raise more money for RFL.   So now up for sale on the sim is the Seattle Loft dedicated to those who are heroes with us today and those held in our memories.