Painting (now released)

Inspiration – See Alice – The Mummers @ YouTube


I haven’t been able to devote much time to creating over recent months due to various life events and it’s been difficult to not create.  Creating is my little pocket of happiness so I have truly missed things.

This build is long overdue and is inspired by Juicy Littlething.   I am still baking it and gently bringing it to life in-world so I can script the shadows, tweak the final details and hopefully also create some accessories to compliment it.

I am now obsessing over the windows, I included reflections but the nack is to get them at the right angle otherwise it looks strange as you move around.  So far not quite there (I so wish SL handled reflections but that would likely need a CRAY supercomputer!)

Some shots of the interiors attached.  I sincerely hope I can get this finished soon, as I have a winter inspired Christmas build planned that I really can’t miss the date on!

Edited to add – now released inworld @ Slurl

❤ Charlotte

5 responses to “Painting (now released)

  1. Hi Charlotte, I can’t wait to buy it. Keep up the good work, you make the best designs and love your work.

  2. hello charlotte, I am soooooooo looking forward to this model. do you know what the prims will be? beautiful as always:)

    • Hi Maeve – it’s now in world (sorry for taking some time to respond!). It comes with two prim options lower (for those who run their settings on High and Ultra – circa 230 prims – and High – 280 ish prim for those who run on Low or Medium. I created two resolutions of it to allow people to optimise for their settings.

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