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When I first started SL, I was slightly overcome by the scale, the sheer ability to create things which people then interacted with.  It was somewhat of a wondrous first few months back in 2006.   I had no idea how to use photoshop, couldn’t tell you what 3D animation was, and certainly didn’t know how to create a single item.  I sat for night after night (I know!) with my headphones on listening to music and exploring the strange world online.

I created my first swimming pool under the watchful and helpful guide of Scope Cleaver who was creating me a commercial project online.   Suddenly in a space of an hour not only did I have water I have a place I could jump into.  I caught the bug and discovered I had a creative side to me I never knew existed.  Not through school, not through my career.

Today, six years later, I work in the creative field, and it’s been a honour to be given this opportunity to make little items with big spoonfuls of love for people to share.  I reached my *six* birthday in September and now into my *seventh* year I can’t wait to do even more.

This picture is the new release up on the sim, in beautiful snow (I love this time of year).   I took many months to finish it for various reasons, so now I am breathing and simply enjoying the view in the snow 🙂 This is for Gorgeous, Writing Home.

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❤ Charlotte

Scarlet Creative For Gorgeous - Writing Home Prefab


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