William Weaver and Prim Perfect

A double topic today!

William Weaver opens today his amazing show of his beautiful photography.    I have a bit of a crush on his work, and love how he uses the medium of Second Life to inspire his art.   I was really lucky to get the opportunity to create a cube space filled with light, reflection and air for his show in SL – pictured here.   After the show, William has gracefully allowed for the build to be a free purchase for artists needing a gallery or space for their work.  You can find out more @ http://paperworkshows.blogspot.com/p/home-page.html.  He also has a great Flickr @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/61900109@N02/

In other news (I sound so professional ahah), this Sunday Prim Perfect are hosting a series of talks and interviews as part of the Christmas Expo.   You can come and meet yours truly with my co panel Maxwell Graf and Loz Hyde at 5pm SLT time tomorrow (Sunday).  We will be waffling on about Mesh in SL, and anything else you find interesting.  There are a whole host of talks and sessions over the next week, so be sure to check out http://primperfectblog.wordpress.com/

❤ Happy weekends all.

For William Weaver