Scarlet Apple

Inspiration: Changing Colours – Great Lake Swimmers @ Youtube

I play this song often when working.  It’s something that soothes my soul and helps me design from the heart.    I have recently been working with various muses, from artist, to writers, to photographers, to other creators. Each has given a little of themselves to inspire each release.  And I am very grateful.  The last 3 For Series will be released over Quarter 1 2013.  Each are already in motion and thank you to those who are giving time, thought and inspiration to my little designs.

Scarlet Creative has been my project for just over six years, and I have enjoyed every moment.

A fellow designer/creator that I have gotten to know is Apple Fall, his store and meshy goodness I have been pretty in awe of. He is a lovely, talented creator and I have enjoyed getting to know him in Second Life. I am pretty excited to announce that Scarlet Creative + Apple Fall will be collaborating on a new joint label called Scarlet Apple. Based in our roots of architecture and decor, we will creating joint prefabs and interior decor with regular releases.  This is a whole new line of inspiration for me, and I hope to do Apple proud too.  Scarlet Creative and Apple Fall will still exist as our solo labels.

New releases will be forthcoming and we’ll send updates with store details once ready plus the usual blog/groups and whatnot.

In the meantime, tonight at midnight PST – the Sway Dench Fundraiser opens at the Nest. Our first little accessories for Scarlet Apple will be released – pictures as shown (thank you to Apple who took them!).   We have Scrabble, Vintage Letter Presses so you can create your own art/poetry and hanging lights.  So please come visit us, and the many other creators. All sales are 100pct donations to Sway Dench.  Sway needs our help, so hope you can stop by.

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❤ Charlotte