Reopen and Refresh

Hello all.  A quick little note to say the sim is now reopened so love for you to come to visit.

The pathways are still not yet in, they will be by Wednesday so please don’t fall into the sea <3.    I have created an outlet space for the older items. Some good news the sale prefabs are now all in the Outlet and will retain the discounted price of 50L (note Marketplace will adjust to this by end of day).

The store layout is a little easier.  A furniture store as you enter the sim which I will be filling with goodies over this week.  Some new releases are already in some rugs, a vintage outdoor bench with animation for couples or solo, pictures, and lamps.    The prefab store shows each prefab out and gives information, a free handy floor plan you can take home to size and a tp to the prefab in the sim. Alternatively, you can explore yourself.

The Vintage store has released today – it’s the same one I use (single version).   It comes with an additional monogram service you can order after purchase for mesh letterpressing for your logo.

The Petite For Gorgeous releases on Thursday.  A little delayed (sorry) as Collab88 is this week which I am doing with Apple, so our first Scarlet Apple joint item. I’ll blog on that when it opens tomorrow.


PHEW think that about covers it!  ❤ Charlotte