The Vintage Petite, For Gorgeous Part Deux

Inspiration:  Lord Huron @ YouTube


I have filled up with snow (and apparently some is on the way where I live), and am literally itching for Spring already.   I have a life long dream, to have a house on the sand dunes, filled with blue skies but a little chilly and falling asleep to the breakers on the shore.   Alas, I am not quite there yet but this house for some reason seems to bring that feeling to life for me.  I can really imagine the dunes, the salty air and sitting in the lounge watching the tide.

This is the smaller version of For Gorgeous that I released end of November (ish).  It covers a cute 20 x 20 m so will fit on smaller land.  It’s also pared down to be super low prim (only 99). And you can copy the shutters etc to create more as needed.   I have featured them on the attic room and one of the large windows.

It’s fully modify and copy and comes with two versions, one with baked shadows and one without.

Now up on the sim @ click here or at Marketplace.

❤ Charlotte

Scarlet Creative Petite Vintage smaller