Four Walls Hunt – 17th Jan

Inspiration: – Goodbye Stranger – Supertramp @ YouTube


This song is rather a guilty pleasure.  I discovered Supertramp from the Magnolia soundtrack.   Well modular shelves aren’t a guilty pleasure but filling shelves for me is.  If nothing else it’s a great excuse to shop, but more so –  I love how it personalises my space here in RL and my home office is filled with items I have collected over the years.

For the Four Walls Hunt I wanted to introduce some modular concepts so people can create their own shelving or storage spaces with only 4 pieces creating infinite (ish) variables for their own decor designs.    These shelves come with two designs already connected as examples and then the separate pieces.   The lovely Apple Fall will be creating some accent and decor accessories that will compliment the shelves.  They are modify and copy so squares can be rectangles and you can fill and entire wall or create one accent piece. These also are great for behind a bed!

OH AND THESE ARE ONLY 20L during the hunt for the full pack.

The other items in the decor shot are from Collab88 and a new wall design (the white bobbly thing) that is now out on the sim in the furniture store.

The Hunt opens on the 17th January and you can read up on the details @

Slurl for the 18th – click here

❤ Charlotte

Scarlet Creative My Modular Shelves

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