Hugs (thank you) and the Windmill….

Inspiration: Endless Ladder- Antlers @ YouTube


This song, not sure if I have used it before – but it calms my soul and just blocks out everything.    This song picks me up (and Scarlet Creative needs some love for this month).   I have never really taken one day out of SL in the last 7 odd years.  And for the last month I have been totally and utterly offline from Flickr, Blogs, Second Life.  This was unplanned and it happened abruptly without notice due to RL so I wanted to post to let people know a little of the reason why and to let you know the latest.

Firstly, the windmill under our Scarlet Apple label.  Sorry it was late and secondly that I never was able to get a message out to people.  It happened right as I had to go offline.  I am waiting to hear if Collabor88 can take it for this round and if so it will go in when it opens shortly.   Thank you to Apple who has soldiered on without me over these weeks (I just know he has missed my amazing and sharp wit combined with my colourful avatar dress sense).   Anyway, if not, I am going to still release it at the discounted price but on my own sim.

I read my Flickr for the first time today and felt awful how many of you had been asking after it so for this I owe you hugs and cups of tea to say sorry.  A big thank you for taking the time to check in on me, and how things are, from the bottom of my heart.  I feel quite humbled by the amount of emails I had and  private messages so again thank you.

I am now back creating full-time and hopefully have answered all the notecards, emails and IMs. But please feel free to ping me in world if you are still pending something from me.

❤ Charlotte

Scarlet Creative Clay Render Windmill Original Design