My Windmill – now released @ Collabor88

Inspiration:  Make Time – Dark Dark Dark @ YouTube


The words in this song make me realise for every cloudy day, a sunny one will be on the horizon. And now makes me want to build a boat – but that aside!  The Windmill part of our Scarlet Apple project is now up at Collabor88 which opens at midnight SL time (ish I think).

I used just a few worn woods and soft plasters on this leaving it simple so people can decorate and create their own feel with decor.   It does however have some lovely window boxes for spring planting (TULIPS!!!).

It comes with the two versions as promised, for Petites/Tinies and regular sized avatars.

ETA – The price is L$488.  I have notecarded all those who have already purchased to arrange the adjustment/refund.

Slurl – Click Here

❤ Charlotte


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