Home Expo – Open!

Inspiration:  Addicted to Love Florence + the Machine @ YouTube


I love this version of this song, it’s exactly what I imagined playing if I could walk through the interiors of the new release now out if I could in reality!

I have known Editorial Clarity for a little while now.   Edi, captured my heart with his artistic pictures and amazing design skills and I have been an avid fan and follower of his work as a result.     I have been finishing up for the For Series with an agreed now final 3 builds. The other two know who they are, and I will be working on those over the coming months.   Edi has such a great idea for a design I admit to being a little nervous about meshing something that could work for a designer who will make it over hugely.   So the meshing was done so each component can be fully retextured or replaced giving Edi a palate to work from.  The other elements were an indoor pool (because that’s a luxury in RL I would die for – my own salt water swimming pool!).

I wanted to create a faded exterior, but the interior to show signs of renovations, so new plasters but also recovered faded beauties like a tiled floor still being discovered under hard concretes and patchy woods.  It’s now up for sale in world with a copy also at Home Expo.

Copies are now in world plus two Relay for Life Canopy Beds – in meshy goodness with full animation and canopies.

Link here maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/HOME%20EXPO%202/205/66/23edi 1_002– come visit (if you can stand the lag).   If not I have also popped a copy up on the sim until Edi has got his copy designed and out / photographed.

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