Flash Sale – Scarlet Creative

A super quick post today.

Scarlet Creative is moving (oh joy!) our new sim will be next door to Apple Fall (because I love SHINY).   Also so we can have our little space for Scarlet Apple.

So as it’s always fun creating something new – I have put up my houses on a flash sale up to 30-75% off at my current sim until midnight PDT today.

This is one time event – as I will also be creating new range – Series Year 7 will be starting in September (can’t believe 7 years of making stuffs!).  The old houses will still move with us but will return to full price at midnight.

Please note purchase in the store versus by the houses/marketplaces as those will still show full price.

Come visit (before I break everything moving it!) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vanilla%20Twist/35/57/37

❤ Charlotte

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