The Felicity

Inspiration: Sugar by Shout out Louds @ YouTube


Everything about this house is about the fading days of summer. As the nights cool but the days are still warm enough to swim and play music laying in the shade of an old willow tree. This song sums up what I would be listening to (if I was so lucky to have an indoor and outdoor pool!).

This house is dedicated to Felicity Blumenthal. She listens to me (nearly daily) as I scratch my head over colours, styles and whatnot.  Although I nearly drove her mad over wallpaper styles I couldn’t but name this house for her this time around.

The house has an indoor/outdoor feel with lots of outdoor levels / spaces that combine into a long pool.  The indoor pools the door open wide if you want to expand the area even further.  You can simply click to then close them all from inside the pool room.  The pool water just sit for a few cute animations like paddling or lounging.

I keep the interior very open plan so people can use the areas based on their own choices.  The wallpaper feature wall can be switched to plain white – I have included in the pack both versions of the texture and the white full perms in case you want to use the light map to create your own wallpapered wall too.

As usual everything is mod and copy and built to be re-textured in SL easily.  It’s up at L$1450.

The plants are separate but the little planters are also up on the sim.  So far this is all on the old sim, as I suspect it is going to take me a good period of time to get the new sim (called Summer) next to Fall (Apple Fall) designed and ready to go.

Happeh Sundays! ❤ Charlotte