The Woodsman Series – Art Cabin

Inspiration:  I Swear – Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside @ YouTube


So I hit my 7th rezday tomorrow.   Taking me into my eighth year of creating for Second Life.   Kind of strange… as it’s not the Second Life I started to make little boxes for back in 2006.  However, somehow I have kept my love affair with turning those little boxes into something that people can interact with.  Even if these days’s it’s using 3D applications versus the inworld tools I started on.

I felt for the last few months it was time to change things around for Scarlet Creative.  I had a head full of ideas but felt “stuck” in a style and it was starting to become less enjoyable in terms of releases. That excitement you get when you pop something in world and get to see friends and customers enjoy it.   I am a bit of a lucky soul at times and I found some new friendships, and also got really helpful ideas and feedback from people around what Scarlet Creative could be in year 8.

Series 8 – is going to be about organic materials.   And the first range is the Woodsman range.  The first item is literally a hideaway art cabin that can serve as a small space in a forest.  It really embraces Autumn and that idea when hot cider (alcoholic for us Brits!), blankets on chairs and a good book with a fire going start to happen.   The next build in the Series will be the Hunter Lodge which will be a old barn with restored wooden additions – all topsy turvy but with something that transitions us from Autumn to Winter.    I have started to mesh that now and hope to have this done in October time.  The third will be the Neva Crystal build which will be the Captain’s Mansion a faded but delicate home that has stood through storms, with rubbed down plasters, copper decor and restored stonework.     This place will be about open fires, copper baths, slippers waiting for you so no cold floors and the more comfortable bed in the world to fall into at night as the wind rattles the glass panes in the window.  I suspect snow on the ground so this will be the winter showpiece build.

The Art Cabin is available at midnight tonight for the Neighbourhood Event discounted to 200L for 24 hours.  You can TP directly here –

In short – I have a LOT of work to do over the coming 3 -4 months, and RL always intrudes for me which has to come first –  but I am now inspired, itching to create and here is to the next 7 years of Second Life!  Thank you for all the best wishes and for supporting Scarlet Creative (aka me!).ArtCabin

❤ Charlotte


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  1. This little art cabin is great! I got one and it is so low prim that 2 of my sl friends have offered to let me tuck it into their sims. In both locations it blends in beautifully: I haven’t put stuff in them yet but am excited about doing so.

    Oh and happy Rezday… are really ancient hehe.

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