Scarlet Creative nominated in the 2013 Avi Choice Awards + Collabor88 Update

I have a double post today.

Inspiration:  Cold War Kids @ YouTube

I have to always have this song on REALLY loud.   (Luckily I have good headphones or my neighbours would be grumpy with me).   I have two updates for today 🙂

First, I was over the moon (and a bit shocked!) to learn I have been nominated for Favourite Home Builder in the Avi Choice Awards.   Looking at the list of names on it I am just happy to be on it!!  There are many great categories so if you would like to cast your vote for creators – you can click here.

Second, Collabor88 December shortly opens (8th Dec).   I have been working on a new prefab inspired by a vintage Russian landscape – a Dacha to hide away in.   (I promise you the Cold War band title is not due to that!).   It’s been exciting taking the texturing into a more aged look.   The design has been inspired by tin, walnut wood, and old metal fittings. There is a bit of decay to the house – but it’s loved and even in the snow, with a warm fire in the grate, blankets and warm socks you can hibernate away.   For the design I have been collaborating with Seven Emporium. Agustkov is creating some amazing designs so our items will be fun to combine.  And I am trying (hard! – learning Z Brush for snow – FUN) to make snow roofs for this so it will be our perfect winter landscape house.  The pic is the WIP – nearly finished now!WIPColl88Dec

Hope to see you there!  ❤ Charlotte