Collabor88 – Opens at Midnight – The Trilby Dacha

Inspiration: First Love Never Die – Soko @ YouTube


Ok,  love the video for this song, as it’s directed by Matthew Gray Gubler (small swoon).   So it was a nice soothing song to help me finish this design.    I wanted to draw together the feeling of an escape, somewhere to leave the city to get to.  Of course with snow all around me!

I have been exploring new styles of architecture and am in love with Russian Dacha.  Dacha’s historically were ruled to not have more than 269 square feet of living area and only one storey tall.  So with scale in SL, I kind of went with 256 square meters (oppsie) but the one story aspect.  I also put in a split level to take into account of not breaking the rules, but using the eaves to my own benefit!

I loved the idea of a country place, a bit in need of fixing up but with some beautiful details and solid wood! Somewhere I would go to hide under blankets and have soup!

The Trilby Dacha
Footprint 16 x 16 x 11M
LE 98
Looking/RP doors (upgrade at cost available for the doors for RP).
This fits on a 2048 plot really well and above.
Mod + Copy

Note it also comes with an optional snow roof at 26LE. I have also meshed the walls etc so you can retexture.

I boxed it with both versions for ease.

Hope to see you there!
❤ Charlotte