Raw Nostalgia – Collabor88

Inspiration: Fare Thee Well – Oscar Isaac @ YouTube


This piece of music is incredibly beautiful and I loved the film (I won’t spoil anything!).  It’s been keeping me company for the New Year as I start 2014 and all the hope, expectation and resolutions a new year brings.  I hope you all had a lovely one, I spent mine with family / loved ones with copious amounts of spiced apple cider!

Collabor88 is now open for January and I was super lucky to have my theme picked for this round.  Thank you Jezibell and Pizza ❤   I wanted to capture something soft, and as it’s still winter – a comforting place where we can retreat to with our memories, read our childhood diaries and eat chocolate (I do that in bed, not going to lie).

I went with a four poster bed set, coming in either Pewter or Wood, each also then has a choice of silk blanket ranging from Plum through to neutral silvers. The bed is materials enabled (gently enhanced).

88L and 11 LE with 13 animations.   You can also grab the fat pack if you want to change colours around at 288L for all 8 beds.  Copy + Modify with MPS.

Slurl – maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/8%208/88/168/1889